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Cattle parades in the Lech Valley

Every year in mid-September, the various cattle parades take place in Holzgau, Steeg and Bach.

Lech Valley cattle parade | on the weekends in september

Traditional cattle parades in the Tyrolean Lech Valley
Every summer, thousands of cattle, sheep, goats, and horses remain in the mountain pastures during the summer. The Senner take care of the cattle, which spend about 3 months of "summer holidays" on the Alm. They come back to the valley in the autumn. The reason for Alm-Kur is that cattle can feed well on the summer pastures with fresh herbs and grass with the best ingredients.

Their return in the fall is still celebrated today as it used to be!
In the Lech Valley the Harvest Festival is celebrated every year. The cattle parade festival is traditionally celebrated in gratitude for a good season on the mountains with no accidents and other incidents. The cattle wear ornate headdresses as wreaths and crowns. Mirrors and bells, which are woven into the jewellery, are used to ward off evil spirits. The cattle parade with its colourfully decorated animals is an integral part of the Harvest Festival and thus rural life.

Music and culinary delicacies from the Lech Valley accompany the arrival of the animals from the pasture. Local farmers provide insight into the arduous life in the mountains on this occasion. Only after the cattle parade and the festivities are the animals brought into the stables to survive the winter well.

Holzgau | arround 08 September 2018
The cows and calves come back from the mountain pastures into the valley. The arrival of the festively decorated cattle from the Sulzlalm and Roßgumpenalm is at about 12:30am on 08/09/2085. In the marquee there are culinary delights from the region and in the evening a dance is performed.
The creative market of the herbal healers is also on at the same time.
Change possible.

Bach | arround 15 September 2018
From about 12.00am a total of about 160 animals - Highland cattle, grey and brown cattle, horses and donkeys - arrive from Baumgartalm led by herder Michael Wolf, who began managing the Baumgartalm this year. The Lech Valley farmers again provide food and drink!

Steeg | arround 15 September 2018
From 10.30am a total of about 360 animals coming from the valleys Krabach, Bockbach, Älpele e Stieralp. The Lech Valley farmers again provide food and drink!

Der Almabtrieb und das Wetter...
Kurzfristige und witterungsbedingte Änderungen sind möglich!
Droht ein Wettereinbruch (Schnee) geht die Sicherheit von Vieh und Hirten vor. Wir bitten Sie daher um Verständnis, dass der Almabtriebe kurzfristig erfolgt und die geplanten Festlichkeiten möglicherweise abgesagt werden.

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